Our Customers

“We are consolidating and optimizing hundreds of transmitter sites per month”, Georg GroßeBoes, Head of Access Network Planning, said. “As many service providers do, we outsourced this task to subcontractors. In the past they had to use a manual process to test a site after integration. The test results were documented manually and then uploaded to the Telefónica documentation system. With the XCellSite system we are getting test results much faster and at the same time we reduce the risk of errors during testing and during test documentation.”


“With XPERIENCE Home Gateway monitoring, we can assure maximum service availability from the installation setup, minimizing impacts on internet experience of our Business Customers, by remotely being able to diagnose and monitor quality of all their different internet connections. “said José Rivera, Director from Vodafone Portugal.


“We are on a process of consolidation and expansion of our network based on a single RAN Strategy”, Luís Alveirinho, CTO of Altice Portugal, said. “In the past we had to use a manual process to test a site after integration. With the XCellSite system, we are getting test results much faster, and at the same time, we reduce the risk of errors during testing and during test documentation.” “Streambow’s XCellSite solution allows us to automate site validation and acceptance processes in the most efficient way.”


Vodafone has chosen Streambow as Solution Provider because of its smart end-to-end workflow approach that digitalizes the whole site validation process. This gives Vodafone the guarantee, that all sites are fully operationally tested in all aspects before they go operational. The solution performs well even in dense urban areas and discovers cross sectors and cross feeders in the network, which is essential to meet our highest quality standards and fundamental for the massive rollout of 5G.


"We are constantly improving our mobile network by introducing new sites, enhancements and expansions. As this activity is typically outsourced, we needed a standardized method to accept the deployed work and to verify the service quality, Mr. Paulo Ribeiro, Head of Network Engineering of NOS explained. “Furthermore, having our customers in mind, we were looking for a solution that would perform tests from their perspective. We found the STREAMBOW´s customer centric Network Analysis Suite the perfect match solution for our needs.”


“Click2Report platform improves customer relations, showing enterprise project rollout/implementation visibility by offering a customized client view of the work being performed in real time. This platform also contributes for the digitalization of site acceptance main processes, moving to a mobile process and offering a consolidated view of the field work being performed. Click2Report is a platform which is equally relevant for field technicians, project managers, customers as well as to the Management Level during all project phases, hence contributing for a Better Project management and costs reduction”, says Vasco Cruz Gomes, Head of Enterprise Solutions Vodafone Portugal