Streambow stands at the forefront of telecommunications innovation, providing comprehensive Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) solutions

Welcome to Streambow

As a leading provider of integrated Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) solutions, we empower Telecom Operators, Carriers, and service providers with the cutting-edge tools to support the Customer Experience improvement as well as the Network and Service Performance. Our innovation is the driving force behind mission-critical services, ensuring that every connection leads to growth in revenue and leaps in customer satisfaction.

XSmartHome 360

Your Key to Seamless Connectivity and Performance Monitoring

VIP Service

An outstanding service offering premium care for Top Customers

Giga Diagnostic

Your Reliable and Intuitive Solution for Customer-Centric QoS and QoE Assessment


Empowering Project Deployments coordination with Digital Integration


Digitalize Your Mobile Site Validation Process with XCellSite Efficient Automation for Error-Free Deployments


Enhance Your Network with Real-Time Insights​


Accelerate Your Competitive Network Analysis with XBenchmarker's Advanced Solutions

Assist Field Service​

Streamlining Network Diagnostics for Optimal Performance and Customer Satisfaction​

It’s all about reliable connectivity

It’s all about people and trust

Join the Future with Streambow, where Innovation Meets Customer Satisfaction

Transform your telecom operations with Streambow, where cutting-edge technology meets the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. From detailed insights to overarching views, our solutions are designed to elevate your service delivery and operational efficiency.
Discover Streambow and reach out today to explore our offerings or to schedule a demonstration.

Experience Unmatched Versatility for the Connected Era

Our expertise encapsulates the entire spectrum of broadband access technologies. From the foundational strength of 2G/3G to the rapid pace of 4G/5G, the steadfast reliability of xDSL, the broad reach of Wi-Fi, the innovative promise of FWA, the cutting-edge capabilities of FTTH, and Cable - Streambow unlocks their potential, paving the way for a connected world like never before.

Your Strategic Ally in Digital Transformation

Real-time passive monitoring, active measurements, and crowdsourcing converge to deliver QoS insights that are second to none. Our approach harnesses real customer feedback, transforming it into actionable intelligence that shapes service improvement and investment decisions.

Unmatched Advantages with Streambow

Customer-Centric Perspective: Experience network quality through the eyes of your customers.
Significant Time Savings: Automate and streamline processes for a more agile operation.
Instant Actionable Results: Gain a competitive edge with real-time data analytics.
Flexible Multi-vendor Solutions: Adapt effortlessly to any technological environment.
Empowering Self-Service: Equip service providers with the data to resolve issues proactively.

What we offer

  • Home and Access Network: End to end diagnostic and monitoring of internet service performance.
  • Wi-Fi Excellence Assurance: Support a superior Wi-Fi experience at home.
  • Application End User Experience: Performance analysis for popular applications such as facebook, YouTube,…
  • Workflow Digitalization: Integrate seamlessly with your existing operational systems/processes.
  • Field Service Empowerment: Equip field teams with tools for efficient site validation.
  • Advanced Access Network Probing: Stay at the forefront with up to ten gigabit-level accurate perfomance measurements.
  • Strategic Crowdsourcing: Tailor insights to market use cases with our integrated approach.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Understand competitor strategies to maintain your edge.
  • Engagement-Driven Customer Surveys: Engage users and gain valuable insights directly.

XSmart Home 360

Your foundation for seamless connectivity. Assessing WiFi/LAN and WAN performance, it ensures uninterrupted access and offers round-the-clock QoS/QoE measurements. Stay effortlessly connected or Deliver the best customer experience over broadband a with our innovative solution...


XCellSite is at the forefront of transforming mobile site validation by integrating unmatched automation and precision analysis. Tailored for both indoor and outdoor, it optimizes your deployment strategy, significantly reducing errors, cutting operational costs, and ensuring faster market readiness...

VIP Service

Vip Service is an innovative application designed for telecom operators to enhance customer service for their most valued customers. This App facilitates the instantaneous reporting of network issues providing operators with real-time data for swift resolution network performance...


Streambow's XCrowdSourcing empowers network operators to fully understand and enhance customer experience through deep, actionable insights. By collecting a comprehensive suite of metrics, including network information and geo reference offers an in-depth understanding of the customer experience...

Giga Diagnostic

GigaDiagnostic introduces a next-generation diagnostic tool tailored for today's high-speed internet users. It provides an efficient, user-friendly platform for Quality of Service (QoS) assessments, accessible on-demand without any prior installation...


Discover the next level of network testing with XBenchmarker's state-of-the-art features for both indoor and outdoor environments. Embrace the versatility of drive and stationary testing modes to meticulously analyse network coverage, radio network coverage and data performance...


Click2Report introduces an innovative approach to project orchestration, harnessing the power of digital innovation. This platform integrates essential elements like technical documentation, supervision, quality control, and stakeholder satisfaction into a singular and efficient workflow...

Assist Field Service

Assist Field Service (AFS) is an innovative solution that improves mobile network management by providing field technicians with a tool for proactive issue diagnosis and quality reporting, enabling them to efficiently resolve customer-affecting network issues...

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