Discover the foundation of modern connectivity designed for today’s homes. Delivering uninterrupted internet access is today crucial, regardless of the wireless devices type connected at Home, ranging from smartphones to smart appliances.   With the surge in streaming services, the need for robust performance on the subscriber’s home becomes even more critical.

But what happens when issues arise? Operator support is often requested when internet speeds are slow, which may be due to degraded wireless network performance at home. XSmartHome 360 is a comprehensive solution that assesses WIFI/LAN (in-home) and WAN (to network) performance upon installation and generates a “Birth Certificate” for future reference, ensuring peace of mind and accountability.

Don’t let connectivity issues disrupt the service delivery and erode customer satisfaction. With XSmartHome 360, you can have round-the-clock QoS/QoE measurements for WIFI/LAN and WAN networks. With valuable insights, take informed decisions and optimize visits from support personnel, saving time and resources.

Key Use Cases and Features of XSmartHome 360:

  • Comprehensive WIFI Measurements: An intuitive app measures WIFI performance throughout the home during installation.
  • Birth Certificate for Reference: A “Birth Certificate” is generated, providing a reference point for future assessments and optimizations.
  • Gateway Monitoring: A software probe ensures continuous monitoring of the home gateway for optimal performance.
  • WIFI Probing: Identify and address potential WIFI signal issues before they impact customer experience.

Benefits of XSmartHome 360:

  • Proactive Issue Resolution: Address connectivity issues before they lead to customer complaints.
  • Operational Efficiency: Minimize unnecessary on-site visits, optimizing resource allocation.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Provide reliable and efficient support tailored to customer needs.

Experience the future of connectivity with confidence by choosing our innovative solutions and staying effortlessly connected. Click here to request a demo or more information.