Unlock the full potential of network testing with XBenchmarker, designed for comprehensive assessment of indoor signals and extensive outdoor network quality surveys. Whether you need continuous automated testing for up-to-the-minute Quality of Service (QoS) updates or on-demand testing for precision in challenging locations like shopping centers or events, XBenchmarker delivers with pre-configured accuracy.

Key Use Cases and Features

  • Network Coverage Benchmarking: Pinpoint and analyse coverage gaps with XBenchmarker to elevate network performance.
  • Radio Network In-Depth Analysis: Delve deep into bands and technologies from 2G to 5G for complete network understanding.
  • Data Performance Tests: Gauge and enhance your network’s data throughput and latency for top-tier performance.
  • Service Quality Evaluation: Assess the quality of popular services such as YouTube and Facebook to ensure user satisfaction.
  • Adaptable Testing Modes: Tailor your testing approach with XBenchmarker’s flexible drive and stationary modes.

Benefits of XBenchmarker

  • Immediate QoS Insights: Automated updates in unattended mode save time and free up resources, providing you with ongoing network performance data.
  • Precision Testing Anywhere: Execute tests with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring that your network meets rigorous standards at critical testing points.
  • Universal Testing Application: From urban centers to remote beaches, XBenchmarker is your partner in a variety of testing scenarios.

Transform your network testing with XBenchmarker’s cutting-edge technology. Click here to request a demo or more information.