Digital Site Support

Xperience Digital Site Support is a flexible Process Digitalisation Solution that enables Mobile Operators to automate cross-border processes of Mobile Network Site installation and verification. As many different departments and companies are involved, Digital Site Support provides consolidated and up-to-date project data to all stakeholders allowing efficient follow-up and control.

Out-of-the-box modules are available addressing major tasks such as physical validation including, documentation, filling-out of protocols, video audit and logical validation, including sector testing, walk test, crossed sector and cross feeder detection.

Modules can be activated independently, step by step, allowing a smooth implementation path. When outsourcing site installation to major vendors, the usage of Digital Site Support allows the operator to control the installation process in real-time, effectively reducing operational costs and speeding up the commissioning of sites into commercial live operation.

Why do you need Digital Site Support?

  • Reduction of up to 50% in operational costs after deploying Digital Site Support
  • Up-to-date equipment databases and site documentation easing the planning of future enhancements and expansions
  • Data of new or changed sites is immediately available for site validation, acceptance, documentation and optimisation
  • Standardized and tool-supported work procedures contribute to faster deployment cycles and improvement of delivered work quality
  • Powerful steering dashboards allow all stakeholders to supervise process follow-up and take corrective measures
  • Out-of-the-box modules for physical and logical validation
  • Smooth integration path with OSS backend systems

Who benefits with Digital Site Support?

  • Field Force Technicians
  • Integrators
  • Auditors
  • Installation
  • Network Planning, Optimisation and Project Management

Digital Site Support App

Streambow’s DSS App is the “must-have” companion for any field force technician  providing all required tools and always up-to-date information on their Smartphone or Tablet to do their daily work.

Technicians are now able to work in a paperless way, access crucial information for their work on operator’s backend systems, read context-sensitive Site Information, Security Information, Performance and Alarm information.

DSS supports the full daily work of technicians starting from planning the route, driving to a network site, resolve the assigned tickets, document work by filling-out required protocols and taking pictures. All information is immediately available on the backend systems for remote control and on-line support. Having completed the work on a specific site closes the ticket and drives to the next site.

Solution highlights

  • Standardized digital work onsite ensuring significant quality improvements and time savings
  • Physical Site Validation (Digital construction folder)
  • Site Inventory of installed equipment, Bar-Code and QR-Code reader for equipment identification and registration
  • Filling-out of work report
  • Ensure that planned and real scenarios match
  • Always up-to-date documentation on-hand
  • Remote Video Support & Video Audit
  • Logical validation
  • Cell Testing
  • Walk Test
  • Crossed sector/ Cross feeder detection
  • Performance validation with carrier aggregation
  • Site Navigation including daily and weekly route optimisation
  • Ticketing
  • Supports 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G RAN

Technical Solution

Digital Site Support is based on Streambow’s carrier-grade Probe-Server Architecture. The DSS App supports the user through customizable workflows to accomplish required tasks on site.

Work orders, planning data, documents and produced results are seamlessly synchronized with X-server. When no Internet connectivity is available DSS App allows for offline work synchronizing all changes once online again.

Secure integration with operator back-office systems guarantees E3E information security. Powerful dashboards provide real-time result and steering information to all stakeholders.

Integration with other systems

  • Internal workflow management server
  • Cell site documentation server
  • Network site server
  • Network planning server


Digital Site Support fully supports data privacy at Smartphone and at Management Levels, in accordance with the GDPR.