Smart Home 360 mitigates COVID-19 blues

With nearly a quarter of the world population confined to remote work from home, how has your network coped with the increased traffic demand from residential areas? How many additional customer complaints? How many additional visits of Field Teams to the subscriber’s homes, with the possibility of exposing your team members?

COVID-19 mitigation measures by Governments worldwide shifted internet capacity demand from the office to the home, taking major operators into “war rooms” to guarantee adequate service once everyone started working from home. Videoconferencing, large screen views with multiple attendees, downloading of large presentations and support documentation, as well as additional infotainment demand, exponentially shifted data service capacity requirements away from city centres/office centres to suburban homes and general residential areas.  When low performance or inadequate response from the operator/carrier is perceived by the customers, increased volume of calls to customer care centres will result, which may cause further delays in customer care response and resultant frustration from customers.

Streambow’s Smart Home 360 solution is designed to get you closer to the customer, by providing a full 360 view of the performance in the home environment. By correlating data stream performance in the Home Gateway to the WiFi service throughout the home, Smart Home 360 obtains the full insight into home WiFi performance. With its unique features, remote assistance in real time may be provided “on the fly” to all home subscribers and issues detected very quickly. As a result, either the complaint is immediately resolved remotely, or full details of the nature of the problem are obtained, to drastically reduce the permanence time at the customer’s home and hence minimize the risk of exposure of your Field Team.

Additionally, Smart Home 360 APP includes a “single-click” feedback for the subscriber, allowing him to register customer experience feedback in real time, directly to the Network Support teams. The Carrier will have a clear view of the critical KPIs to decide in a learned way if a visit to the customer is strictly needed, or whether the issue can be resolved remotely.

Smart Home 360 is the answer for guaranteeing a high level of customer service, while reducing the number of troubleshooting visits to customer’s homes therefore lowering the risk of possible infection of own staff. The end result is a more efficient management of Field Team response, precise diagnostics, quicker reaction time, resulting in higher customer NPS and lower costs.

As a derivative, cellular network measurements are also taken regularly inside the home, providing a 100% indoor coverage view of your cellular network.

Smart Home 360 is your remote aid in providing superior service to the home, reducing truck rolls and increasing your customer satisfaction.

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