Altice Portugal has selected XCellSite Solution, from Streambow, to perform site validation and acceptance tests of its Radio Access Network consolidation and expansion

Xperience cell site validation solution allows Altice Portugal to improve operational efficiency and processes with GSM, UMTS and LTE network roll-out partners.

Lisbon, Portugal – January 8th, 2019 – STREAMBOW, a leading provider of quality of experience and service solutions for home and access networks, today announced that Altice Portugal has selected XCellSite from Streambow to perform site validation and acceptance tests of their LTE, UMTS and GSM networks.

“We are on a process of consolidation and expansion of our network based on a single RAN Strategy”, Luís Alveirinho, CTO of Altice Portugal, said. “In the past, we had to use a manual process to test a site after integration. With the XCellSite system, we are getting test results much faster and, at the same time, we reduce the risk of errors during testing and during test documentation.”

“Streambow’s XCellSite solution allows us to automate site validation and acceptance processes in the most efficient way.”

Each Engineer uses a specially configured smartphone device to run guided test steps, one by one, testing each frequency and sector for the different technologies on a transmitter site. Accurate network data on the phone is aligned with Altice Portugal´s radio network rollout cycles.

“With the XCell Site solution, Altice Portugal now has a guided and integrated system for the tests based on the XCell Site solution. When the Engineer appears at the mobile site, all data required for his tests are already available in XCell Site. The Engineer is then guided through the testing process. Directly after the test is finished, results are available, in real time, to Altice Portugal” Anibal Rodrigues, CEO Streambow, explains.

“Now Altice Portugal, is using this tool to guarantee quality of service as soon as a new site is on service, validating the full service status, collecting information on a smart way that ensures a good implementation process”.

About Altice

Altice is a convergent global leader in telecom, content, media, entertainment and advertising. Altice delivers innovative, customer-centric products and solutions that connect and unlock the limitless potential of its over 50 million customers over fiber networks and mobile broadband. The company enables millions of people to live out their passions by providing original content, high quality and compelling TV shows, and international, national and local news channels.

Altice innovates with technology in its Altice labs across the world. Altice links leading brands to audiences through premium advertising solutions. Altice is also a global provider of enterprise digital solutions to millions of business customers. Altice is present in 10 territories from New York to Paris, from Tel Aviv to Lisbon, from Santo Domingo to Geneva, from Amsterdam to Dallas. Altice (ATC & ATCB) is listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

About Streambow

Streambow is an innovative provider of integrated quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) assurance solutions. The main focus is towards carriers and service providers seeking to improve Customer Experience, Network and Service Performance within their mission of revenue-critical service offerings. Streambow’s solutions are ideal for all broadband access technologies, such as 3g/4g mobile, xDSL, Wi-Fi, FTTH and Cable.

Smartphone Apps, software clients, web-based agents and hardware probes are all combined to provide comprehensive end-to-end testing, customer feedback, crowd-sourcing, diagnostics and monitoring, in order to troubleshoot network problems and assure network service quality parameters from an end customer perspective.

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