Optimus selects Xperience to Monitor and Diagnose their Mobile Broadband Internet from End User Perspective

Optimus selects Xperience to Monitor and Diagnose their Mobile Broadband Internet from End User Perspective

Xperience enables Optimus to monitor Broadband Customer Experience using commercial Smartphones as test scouts. Detected problems are then analysed by technicians using Xperience and commercial mobile dongles to run deep mobile diagnosis for troubleshooting. When customers complain, Xperience helps to diagnose the problem cause.

Lisbon – July 26th, 2013 – STREAMBOW, a leading provider of customer centric quality of experience and service solutions for mobile, home and access networks, today announced that Optimus has selected its Xperience solution to diagnose and monitor the customer experience of end user’s mobile internet services.

“We are using Xperience enabled Smartphones as moving test probes across the country. An active role is given to Optimus’ employees on monitoring the performance of internet experience, without any effort. The Xperience Apps generate data to really draw the picture of Customer Experience for our mobile broadband service. Furthermore, we can now reach network areas that we could not address so far. Optimus is mainly looking at performance / Quality of Experience (QoE) KPIs. This set of data can be used to define standards and trends in what regards to network performance, such as network mode, cell coverage, neighbors, customer device, localization and time, etc. It even allows us to configure the Smartphones to drive test mode. If we eventually need deeper technical data, we can use the dongle based Xperience deep radio analysis that any technician can run on his PC or laptop. At Customer Support, Xperience improves the efficiency. When customers complain about performance issues, Xperience allows the attendant to rapidly verify issues and to dispatch them to the correct problem owner”, commented Jorge Teles Fernandes, Director at Optimus.

About Optimus

Optimus is a truly convergent and integrated end-to-end telecommunications operator present in all Portuguese market segments under a single brand.

Since its launch in 1998, Optimus has shown a consistent growth pattern within the market, providing its customers with the most innovative and high-quality products and services. Optimus is the only mobile communications company in the world to have won three consecutive GSM Awards, a distinction that reinforces its international recognition.

With a latest generation network of its own and a single customer management system, Optimus offers a complete portfolio of mobile and fixed solutions to approximately 4 million customers.
Optimus delivers the most advanced television, Internet, voice and e-service solutions , and some of the main innovations worldwide, which benefit from the most advanced technologies, such as UMTS, HSPA, fiber optics and LTE.

At the heart of Optimus’ success is an extremely young and dynamic team that leads projects to outstanding levels of excellence and develops innovative value proposals, which continuously exceed customers’ expectations. The Optimus team demonstrates all of its versatility by rising to any challenge, overcoming the status quo and questioning existing business models to create new opportunities.

About Streambow

Streambow is an innovative provider of integrated quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) assurance solutions, dedicated to carriers and service providers seeking to improve Customer Experience, Network and Service Performance, of their mission and revenue-critical service offerings.

Streambow’s solutions are ideal for all broadband access technologies, such as 3g/4g mobile, xDSL, Wi-Fi, FTTH and Cable. Smartphone Apps, software clients, web-based agents and hardware probes combine to provide comprehensive end-to-end testing, customer feedback, crowd-sourcing, diagnostics and monitoring, to troubleshoot network problems and assure network service quality parameters from an end customer perspective.

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