ZON Multimedia selects Xperience – Quality of Experience Solution for Diagnostic of the End User Access Network

Xperience enables the Internet Service Provider to see the service quality at customer’s home without trucks rolling.

Lisbon, Portugal – May 25, 2011 – STREAMBOW, a leading provider of quality of experience and service solutions for home and access networks, today announced that ZON Multimedia (PSI-20: ZON.LS) has selected its Xperience solution to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot end user internet service issues. 

Xperience reduces support time spent per incident resulting in reduced support costs. Xperience Care Center is running in-depth, real-time, on-demand diagnostics direct from a user’s desktop computer, to identify bottlenecks, equipment failures and other network problems with a user’s service.  ZON Multimedia customers can now comprehensively measure performance and diagnose a host of service problems directly from their end to remedy issues rather than waiting for escalation, dispatching on-site technical support or for more in-depth testing from the network core.

With Xperience Care Center, a customer can contact ZON Multimedia technical support and be instructed to launch the application on the fly from a link via ZON Multimedia’s web portal, thus requiring no end user pre-deployment.  The entirely web-based, solution performs end-to-end testing and measurement including, latency, bandwidth measurement, equipment diagnostics, application access issues and more.  Test results are practically instant and viewable by the support technician and end user during support incidents.  The unique combination of PC diagnostics and throughput data offers the helpdesk stuff a holistic view to customers’ quality of experience allowing instant classification between customer or network problems.

This fast resolution also offers ZON Multimedia the ability to increase customer satisfaction and productivity while saving ZON Multimedia on the time and cost of dispatching on-site support or implementing more investigative testing from their end.

“Streambow’s Care Center solution helps ZON Multimedia in its effort to continually increase customer satisfaction, this time through faster, more comprehensive diagnostics to remedy user cable service impairments without requiring customer pre-deployment of special hardware or software. It also gives us the ability to reduce our time spent on support issues and realize a reduction in technical support costs”, commented Paulo Ribeiro, Member of the Board, ZON TV Cabo.

About ZON Multimedia

ZON Multimedia, listed on the main Portuguese stock index, PSI-20 index, is the leader of the pay TV market in Portugal and the country’s second largest Internet provider. ZON Multimedia has 1.573 million TV clients, 666,000 broadband and 732,000 fixed line customers. ZON Multimedia is Portugal’s leading provider of triple play solutions, offering multiple services across several platforms: cable, satellite and mobile. Additionally, the company is Portugal’s leading content distribution and cinema exhibition company.

For more information, visit ZON at www.zon.pt.

About Streambow

Streambow is an innovative provider of integrated  quality of service and quality of experience assurance solutions for carriers and service providers who seek network performance quality assurance for high availability, mission and revenue-critical service offerings.  Streambow’s solutions are ideal for a variety of broadband access technologies, including DOCSIS, xDSL, mobile internet and FTTH.  Streambow’s software clients, web-based agents and hardware probes combine to provide comprehensive end-to-end testing, diagnostics and monitoring, to troubleshoot network problems and assure network service quality parameters from an end customer perspective. 

Streambow was founded in early 2003 by a group of telecommunication specialists with an extensive experience in the world wide telecommunication Industry.  The development of innovative products to the Portuguese and European market is today the main business focus of Streambow.  

More information can be found online at www.streambow.com.

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