Xperience Management System

Xperience Management System is the centre point of Streambow’s Customer Experience Solution, responsible for administration, management and data processing of all participating probes. Xperience offers seamless integration with operators’ management systems and operational processes, onboard data analysis for decision making, reporting and provisioning of data to different stakeholders such as Marketing, Field Force, Quality Department, Planning Department, Customer Experience Management or Service Quality Management Systems. Xperience supports Mobile Networks, Fixed Networks and Wi-Fi within one system.

Carrier-Grade System

Xperience provides a carrier-grade, high-performance “Probe-Server” architecture, specially designed to handle very large scale distribution of Xperience probes.

Redundant hardware and database architecture fulfils all requirements towards carrier availability and system and data security.

Software Probes

Software probes can be embedded or installed into customer Smartphones, PCs and tablets, diagnosing, monitoring and testing the customer experience directly from the device in use.

They are ideally suited for massive, yet cost-effective distribution.
Software probes are particularly effective where logistics and deployment time matters, e.g. in customer support scenarios.

Hardware Probes

Hardware probes may be the preferred choice for usage in unattended scenarios or to guarantee continuous, 24/7 service assessments.

System Operations

  • 24/7 operation
  • System failover
  • Data security
  • Garbage collection
  • System and test target server monitoring and alarming
  • Configurable log-levels of probe-server
  • Communication

System Dashboard

  • System health overview
  • Monitoring and alarming of system services
  • Monitoring and alarming of test infrastructure
  • Overview of test execution statistics

Probe Management

  • Auto registration of probes at Xperience
  • Management System
  • Central configuration and management of registered probes
  • Definition of test and diagnosis policies
  • Definition of test schedules
  • Configuration of customer feedback questionnaires

Data Analysis and Reporting Functions

  • Xperience offers onboard data analysis for decision making and reporting
  • Predefined report set and customization
  • Dashboards for interactive analytical analysis
  • High level aggregated QoS and QoE management reports
  • Detailed reports down to cell and device level
  • Flexible integration through standard interfaces

Operational Integration (optional)

Allows the operationalization of Xperience results to improve operational processes:

  • Provisioning of QoE/QoS KPIs to network operations management systems, data warehouses, reporting tools, geographical maps tools through standard interfaces
  • Workflow integration with Customer Care, Ticketing Systems, Technical Service, through standard interfaces, e.g. web service

Business Integration (optional)

Allows the operationalisation of Xperience results to support operators’ business decision processes:

  • Provisioning of data to different stakeholders, such as Quality Department, Planning, Engineering, CEM, SQM, etc.

Integrated Solution

Xperience supports all major network technologies of Mobile Networks, Fixed Networks and Wi-Fi within one system. Xperience is ready to be used as a hosted service or in-house installation.


Xperience Management System fully supports data privacy at Smartphone and at Management Levels, in accordance with the GDPR.