XCellSite automates and digitalizes the validation process of mobile sites and antennas after installation, providing accurate planning parameters and delivering comprehensive acceptance reports to all stakeholders in real-time.

By locking onto the correct sector, technology and frequency, each sector is analysed in turn in accordance with the planned data, alerting for inconsistencies in sector parameters, cross sector, cross feeder and even distant cell detection, if dominant.

This solution provides technicians with up-to-date planning data to check and validate installation, cabling and configuration correctness immediately, thus improving the percentage of error-free delivered sites.

When outsourcing site installation to major vendors, the usage of XCellSite allows the operator to control the installation process in real-time, effectively reducing operational costs and speeding up the commissioning of sites into commercial live operation.

Why do you need XCellSite?

  • Reduction of up to 50% in operational costs after deploying XCellSite
  • Lower investment cost for the field force distribution among
  • Test acceptance data of new or changed sites is immediately available for site validation and optimisation
  • Available workflows, guide even non-specialists through the acceptance validation procedure
  • XCellSite is network equipment vendor agnostic, providing all results in the same format
  • Standard evaluation of all network sites according to the same rules
  • Generation of a Birth certificate per site

When to use XCellSite?

  • Site Installation and Expansion Projects
  • Swap Rollouts and Assessment
  • Radio Network Consolidation
  • Site Maintenance 

Site Validation Workflow

Automatic download of up-to-date site information from the network database. XCellSite locks onto the target cell, to guarantee that correct sector/technology is tested.

XCellSite alerts of inconsistencies, cross sector, cross feeder and even dominant distant cell situations that may cause performance degradation.

This information allows technicians to verify installation, cabling or configuration issues immediately, improving the percentage of error-free delivered sites.

Solution Highlights

  • Automatic synchronization with network planning data
  • Visual smart positioning
  • Equipment vendor agnostic
  • No more incorrect measurements, since XCellSite locks to a cell when doing a test
  • Alerts when planned and tested values or quality criteria do not match
  • Crossed feeder and distant cell alerts
  • Supports 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G RAN
  • Generation of Birth Certificate Reports
  • Powerful analytical Dashboards, on-time verification/management steering
  • Runs on Android mobiles to reflect the end-customer experience
  • Complete support of workflow procedures. Optional site validation work orders

Technical Solution

XCellSite solution is based on Streambow´s highly-scalable Probe-Server Architecture. The probe is a smartphone app which guides the user through the testing process comparing measurements against a pre-defined set of performance thresholds. 

Once these criteria are met, the Cell Site is considered validated and ready for service. At the same time, a validated acceptance report is uploaded to the Xserver and operators’ backend system.

Integration with other Systems

  • Internal workflow management server
  • Cell site documentation server
  • Network planning server

Network Service Testing

  • Voice service (VoLTE/CSFB) with optional emergency services calling
  • Messaging — SMS and MMS
  • Broadband testing — Http (DL, UL), RTT
  • Carrier Aggregation
  • Optionally: YouTube video testing, web browsing and Social network testing


XCellSite fully supports data privacy at Smartphone and at Management Levels, in accordance with the GDPR.