XBenchmarker is designed to conduct Indoor testing and outdoor Network Quality Surveys. Possible use cases:

  • Benchmarking of network coverage gaps
  • Radio network coverage analysis for different LTE bands or different technologies
  • Data throughput/latency benchmarking
  • Benchmarking of services, for instance, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Tests may be performed either in drive testing mode, or stationary, in either fully unattended mode, or on-demand, dependent on the ordered configuration. In unattended mode, data results are uploaded automatically providing continuously up-to-date QoS measurements and eliminating the need for dedicated skilled resources to perform these activities. In on-demand mode, specific locations may be pre-configured, to direct the tester to each point in turn, guaranteeing that all tests are performed at the exact locations, for example, under the antenna. Typical applications would be tests in shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, beaches or at sports events where testing at the exact test point is a compulsory requirement, etc.

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