Home / Office Validation

Operator support is often requested when customers believe their internet speed is lower than contracted, possibly caused by degraded Wi-Fi network performance at home/office.

In today’s modern homes/offices where Internet connection to all devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs and even smart appliances is a must, this situation is becoming more common.

Furthermore, with the increasing relevance of streaming services, ensuring good Wi-Fi signal strength and performance throughout the home/office is now more important than ever.

The Home/Office Validation solution is an App for measuring Wi-Fi performance throughout the Home/Office on installation and may also include a software probe for Internet Gateway monitoring. On conclusion of the tests, a “Birth Certificate” is generated, for later reference.

Why do you need the Home/Office Validation?

  • Improved installation validation process with real-time results
  • Lower costs in the installation validation
  • Reduction of operational costs associated with customer complaints
  • Detection of Wi-Fi coverage gaps at Customer’s home during installation
  • QoS monitoring of Home Gateway
  • Increased customer response efficiency

Solution highlights

Home/Office Validation is a simple solution, giving the Operator the possibility to either equip their field teams with the Test App, or provide Wi-Fi Self Install/Self Care packages to customers to monitor their premises network installation results and performance.

By loading a house plan or office layout into the Home/Office Validation APP, Wi-Fi measurements may be taken at precise points.

On completion of the installation measurements, all test results are recorded on a “Birth Certificate” for each Home and uploaded to the X-Server. The embedded probe in the Internet Gateway gateway provides real-time QoS of the incoming internet signal, by monitoring it at set intervals 24/7, ensuring that your provided service to the customer’s premises is reliably recorded.

Central management provided by the solution presents QoS in real-time of onsite measurement of Wi-Fi coverage and internet speed without needless customer visits. This process eliminates immediately most customer reported issues. On completion of the installation tests a “Birth Certificate” is generated for future reference. 

Technical team intervention at the customer is not needed for Wi-Fi self-install packages or for most complaints, with resultant savings in Opex and resources.

Technical Solution

The Home/Office Validation carrier-grade service Xperience solution is based on a simple architecture using an APP on a Smartphone or Tablet to measure Wi-Fi performance at various places throughout the Home or Office.

It may be complemented with a probe on the Home Gateway to measure QoS of the received internet signal.

The Home Gateway probe runs tests and collects network KPIs that are then uploaded to the X-Server, from where exporting and integration with other operator’s back-office systems is done, when necessary.

Remote Management

Central configuration of all registered probes on device Apps and Internet Gateways in terms of network and radio parameters, as well as definition of tests to run.

Active Test Data

  • HTTP upload, download
  • Browsing tests
  • ICMP test with round trip time, jitter and packet loss

Passive Data Collection

  • Collection of device information, such as model, operation system, operation system version, etc.
  • Collection of mobile network data
  • Collection of mobile radio data
  • Collection of Wi-Fi data
  • Localization and time stamping

Supported Devices

Android Smartphones (≥ V4.1)

Supported Mobile Technologies

  • All Wi-Fi versions are supported

Report Functions

  • Predefined report set and customization
  • High level aggregated QoS and QoE management reports
  • Detailed reports
  • Flexible integration through standard interfaces

Integration with other systems

  • SQM (Quality Management)
  • Software-Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Business Support Systems (BSS)
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM) servers


  • Xperience App
  • Probe for Home Gateway


Home / Office Validation fully supports data privacy at Smartphone and at Management Level in accordance with GDPR.