With the faster internet speeds now available for the home user, reliable, easy to use diagnostic tools are ever more important to assess Quality of Service of the main internet services.

For this purpose, GigaDiagnostic is a new generation tool with Gigabit capabilities, which runs on any JavaScript-enabled browser without the need for previous installation.  The link to the App may be accessed by the customer through the customer care portal.

GigaDiagnostic provides a highly reliable precision measurement solution with QoS/QoE measurements and may significantly reduce unnecessary operational costs with truck rolls to Customer’s premises.

Why do you need GigaDiagnostic?

  • Runs on-demand on any device with a JavaScript-enabled browser
  • Provides reliable performance indicators independent of customer device
  • Fully integrated library for Customer Portals
  • Complement field force web applications with additional KPIs

Solution highlights

Would you like to test Gigabit speeds with a downloadable tool? With GigaDiagnostic the customer can perform the main service tests by accessing the customer portal and download the APP ready to run, without the need for any installation. 

The GigaDiagnostic solution is powered by the Xperience central management platform, a Target Server for active testing purposes and a downloadable probe running on Javascript enabled devices.

The probe measures service-related indicators such as round-trip times, jitter, maximum available throughput in upload and download direction, providing real-time QoE KPIs from a customer-like perspective.

All achieved measurement results are reported as soon as they are produced and stored in the central Xperience Database repository.

All results can be displayed through a web-based graphical interface. Key Quality of Experience Indicators are aggregated on Business Intelligence dashboards that allow a quick overview of the desired information.

Technical Solution

Our Xperience solution is based on a simple architecture with probes downloaded on-demand from a Customer Webportal to any Java-enabled browser. Collected KPIs are then uploaded to the X-server. Results of the tests are available in real-time from the X-server for further analysis and possible integration with other operator’s back-office systems.

Remote Management

Central configuration of test sequences for all download sites.

Test Results

  • HTTP upload, download
  • ICMP test with round trip time, jitter
  • and packet loss
  • Facebook loading times
  • Extensive YouTube KPIs including video Mean Opinion Score (MOS)

Device Data Collection

  • Collection of device information: Browser information, operation system details, ram, etc.
  • Collection of Wi-Fi network data
  • Localization and time stamping

Supported Devices

Runs on any Javascript enabled browser.

Report Functions

  • Predefined report set and customization
  • High level aggregated QoS and QoE management reports
  • Detailed reports down-to cell and device level
  • Flexible integration through standard interfaces

Integration with other systems

  • Customer portals
  • SQM (Quality Management)
  • Business Support Systems (BSS)
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM) servers


GigaDiagnostic JavaScript, or Deep GigaDiagnostic probe.


GigaDiagnostic fully supports data privacy at device and management level, in accordance with the GDPR.