Ever wondered what is the real customer perception of your network?… And where network improvement really matters?

Understanding of where subscribers are located, service usage habits and perceived network performance, is essential knowledge to effectively optimise the network to maximize benefits from network investment and improve customer satisfaction.

Streambow’s XCrowdSourcing solution provides the answer. With a Customer Experience Management (CEM) approach database, designed to capture and provide the Operator with a comprehensive set of detailed customer experience metrics, a complete picture of service utilization can be obtained from the real users. With metrics ranging from device status to network information, associated with georeferencing and service usage details, the solution provides a full overview of the real customer experience.

Why do you need XCrowdSourcing?

  • A cost-effective way to monitor outdoor and indoor coverage, wherever the customers go
  • Understanding what your real coverage footprint is, from an end-user perspective
  • Surgically target resources to problematic spots, improving customer perspective about the network
  • Oriented and prioritised network investment based on real data
  • Geo-referenced performance countrywide
  • Information about subscriber device behaviour and device preferences

Solution highlights

With a flexible measurement methodology covering passive and optional active testing, network constraints affecting, capacity, performance or other specific constraints may be identified.

The powerful Business Analytics dashboards customized to meet your needs, aggregate, correlate and present the information that matters most to your teams.

The easy to use dashboards reduces staff training needs, existing staff can quickly extract useful information from day 1. Sending customer satisfaction surveys to all or to a smaller group of users is optionally possible, for instance, to obtain user perception related to a specific event.

Technical Solution

The Xperience solution is based on a simple architecture with probes on end-user devices like Smartphones or Tablets, in listen-only mode or doing active tests to collect the relevant metrics for uploading to the Xserver.

Testing methodology is flexible, allowing various scenarios to be distributed to all users, as market needs may dictate. Streambows’ XCrowdSourcing is easily integrated into your apps, allowing you to manage its customer base and retain full control.

Remote Management

Central configuration of all registered probes in terms of test policy and scheduling.

Passive Data Collection

  • Collection of device information such as model, operating system and version
  • Collection of mobile network data
  • Collection of mobile radio and Wi-Fi data details
  • Localization and time stamping

Optional active Data Collection

  • HTTP upload, download
  • Browsing tests
  • ICMP test with round trip time, jitter and packet loss
  • Active outgoing call tests

Supported Devices

  • Android and IOS smartphones, tablets, Laptops and PCs

Supported Technologies


Report Functions

  • Predefined report set and customization
  • High level aggregated QoS and QoE management reports
  • Detailed reports down-to cell and device level
  • Flexible integration through standard interfaces

Integration with other systems

  • SQM (Quality Management)
  • Software-Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Business Support Systems (BSS)
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM) servers


Xperience Android App


XCrowdSourcing fully supports data privacy at Smartphone and at Management Level in accordance with GDPR.