XBenchmarker is designed to conduct Indoor testing and Outdoor Network Quality Surveys. Possible use cases:

  • Benchmarking of network coverage gaps
  • Radio network coverage analysis for different LTE bands or different technologies
  • Data throughput/latency benchmarking
  • Benchmarking of services, for instance, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Tests may be performed either in drive testing mode or stationary, in either fully unattended mode or on-demand, dependent on the ordered configuration. In unattended mode, data results are uploaded automatically providing continuously up-to-date QoS measurements and eliminating the need for dedicated skilled resources to perform these activities. In on-demand mode, specific locations may be pre-configured, to direct the tester to each point in turn, guaranteeing that all tests are performed at the exact locations, for example, under the antenna.

Typical applications are quality assessments in shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, beaches or at sports events where testing at the exact test point is a compulsory requirement, etc.

Why do you need XBenckmarker?

  • Greater than 10% operational costs reduction related to Quality Surveys, when a fast, easy to use tool is required
  • Substantial reduction of the need to conduct regular service Quality Surveys with dedicated resources
  • Easy competitor benchmarking at various levels (technology, frequency band usage, network capacity, service performance)
  • Allows unskilled resources to conduct surveys for the operator as a service, with a minimum of supervision

Solution highlights

  • Small size and feature-rich for service and coverage testing
  • Measure service performance for voice, data and Social networks
  • Benchmarking of services and radio coverage either in outdoor or indoor
  • Plug and play solution that may be used on service vehicles, taxis and public transport
  • Unattended or on-demand options
  • Ideal for indoor venues, to optimize QoE where it matters most
  • A centralised Xperience Management Server allows full control of XBenchmarker
  • Full Integration with OSS tools

Summarised features

  • One single compact tool for benchmarking service analysis of voice and data
  • Benchmark competitors, or test different technologies in your own network
  • Possibility to lock to Frequency Band to test different LTE bands
  • Automatic testing with auto startup in unattended mode for drive testing (own fleet, taxis, trains, busses, etc.)
  • On-demand testing for tests at specific points, indoor, or outdoor, wherever measurements at precise points are required
  • A comprehensive dataset of KPIs: RF coverage, interference, voice, data and social network KPIs

Remote Management

  • Test Schedule remote configuration
  • Activation/deactivation of test types
  • Diagnostics and KPI configuration
  • Automatic boot-up when power is on

Active Test Data

  • HTTP upload, download, Browsing
  • ICMP test with round trip time, jitter and packet loss
  • Active outgoing call tests
  • Performance application tests (YouTube, Facebook…)

Passive Data Collection

  • Benchmark device information, such as model, OS, OS version, etc.
  • Collection of mobile network data
  • Collection of mobile radio data
  • Localisation and time stamping

Supported Technologies

Radio reception for GPRS, EDGE, UMTS,    HSPA, HSPA+, LTE and LTE A

Report Functions

  • Pre-defined report set and customisation
  • QoS and QoE Management reports
  • Detail reports down-to cell or device level
  • Flexible integration through standard interfaces (web services, API..)

Integration with other systems

  • SQM (Quality Management)
  • Software-Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Business Support Systems (BSS)
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM) servers


  • Voice (Call success rate, setup time…)
  • Browsing and Throughput
  • YouTube

Event detection

  • Dropped data sessions
  • No coverage
  • Dropped calls


XBenchmarker fully supports data privacy at Smartphone and at Management Level in accordance with GDPR.